Pro Golf Tours

Out of the 20 or so professional golf tour around the world, the US PGA Tour is the pinnacle in terms of prestige and prize money.

The PGA also operates mens professional tours in Europe & Australasia along with the ladies LPGA tours which run in the US, Japan & Korea.

Pro Golf Tour

A majority of the recognised international tours are affiliated to the International Federation of PGA Tours.

As we said, there are more than twenty professional golf tours, each run by a PGA or an independent tour organisation which is responsible for arranging events, finding sponsors, and regulating the tour. Most of the major tours are player controlled organisations whose commercial objective is to maximise the income of their members by maximising prize money. The larger tours have a tournament almost every week through most of the year.

Each tour has “members” who have earned their “tour cards“, meaning they are entitled to play in most of the tour’s events. A golfer can become a member of a leading tour by succeeding in an entry tournament, usually called a Qualifying School (“Q-School”); or, by achieving a designated level of success in its tournaments when competing as an invited non-member; or, much rarer, by having enough notable achievements on other tours to make them a desirable member. Membership to some of the lesser tours is open to any registered professional who pays an entry fee.

Mens Tours

  • PGA (US)
  • PGA European Tour
  • Japanese Tour
  • PGA Tour (Australasia)
  • Sunshine Tour
  • PGA China Tour
  • Korean Tour
  • Professional Golf Tour India
  • Challenge Tour
  • Korn Ferry Tour
  • Asian Development Tour
  • PGA Tour Champions
  • Staysure Tour
  • TP Tour Series

Ladies Tours

  • LPGA (US)
  • Ladies European Tour
  • LPGA Japan Tour
  • LPGA Korea Tour
  • Ladies Asian Golf Tour
  • ALPG Tour (Australia)